Muse Gems is more than just an accessories line. Like so many people, who travel far and wide in a quest to fulfill their dreams, London born founder Jae who migrated to the New York, often draws upon vivid childhood memories as a source of comfort and inspiration.

Her fondest recollection is of her native Guyanese mother’s love of accessories and how each piece of jewelry was a reflection of her mum’s vibrant personality. Her mother’s extensive collection of exquisite gems made her the renowned “jewelry plug”. Jae fondly recalls the countless times family and friends, sought her mother out to help complete their outfits with elaborate, one of a kind pieces. It was the first demonstration that jewelry was so much more than just mere trinkets. Jewelry was a symbolic representation of home, identity, and inspiration. Jae inherited this adoration for jewelry and her move to the US cemented her relationship to all things accessories.

Muse Gems officially launched in July 2018. Jae’s mission statement is to create a line that captures the importance of dictating your own style manifesto and beautifying yourself with elaborate pieces that speak to you in a personal way. Muse Gems celebrates bold trendsetters who refuse to blend in or sit around waiting to be inspired, but instead embrace every opportunity to be their own MUSE, and wear their GEMS as a badge of honor!